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Thursday, 4 October 2012


Unmetered servers offer customers with a low cost budget dedicated bandwidth and server solutions. Unmetered bandwidth means that the dedicated server has part or all of a dedicated connection. However, unmetered doesn’t imply infinite, for instance an unmetered 10Mega bytes per second connection offers a maximum transfer of approximately 3000 Giga Bytes per month. Normally, owners of website with a high amount of traffic make use of dedicated servers with unmetered bandwidth. The high traffic comes at a price as the unmetered servers are pricey.
Unlimited bandwidth is bandwidth with no share limit. However, web hosts that do provide limitless bandwidth are just not setting a quota in the service plan and may have a provision in their terms and condition declaring that accounts that use more than their share of resources or affect other sites may be closed. This means that they won't throttle the amount of bandwidth you need but will observe the usage in some form to inhibit server misuse.

When a customer signs up with a dedicated web host provider that offers unmetered bandwidth’ on the other hand, he/she may not find a specific limit amount, even in their terms of service. Unlike unlimited bandwidth,’ which means that there will be bandwidth on condition that you need it, unmetered bandwidth’ means that the web hosting company will not keep track of how much bandwidth you use. Some web hosts and customers alike prefer the word unmetered to unlimited’ because they believe it’s more accurate. However, both terms do fundamentally mean the same thing; with the exception that with one, you may need to dig a little deeper to find out what your exact bandwidth limitations are.
Most offer unmetered dedicated servers that have the following features;

1.    High-Performance Equipment –where servers are built using quality hardware e with high processor power and large storage capacities.
2.    Higher Availability- where the system is under no circumstances at the mercy of usage spikes by other sites.
3.    Hardened Security- give you the control all the freedoms and access to your dedicated server. No other customer has access; no other customer can introduce weaknesses and vulnerabilities to attack and hacks.
4.    Complete Control- you get to install the internet protocols, web services and custom software applications that are appropriate for your server.
5.    Scalability for Your Business- dedicated servers gives you a clear upgrade path. Hardware and OS components of system can be upgraded as-needed.