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Monday, 15 October 2012

Defining Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
is the practice of using a range
techniques, including rewriting
html code, content editing,
Navigation on the site,
link campaigns and actions,
to improve the position
on a website
search engine results for
some specific search terms.

Additional definition
From its acronym in English (Search Engine
Optimization) is the practice
using a number of techniques
optimization involving the
page (with so-called factors
on site) and socialization on the Internet
with other pages (called
factors off site) in order to
improve the position of a website
in the search engine results
for a search term
These techniques, and its relevance to
improve positioning, are diverse
and changing with
the continued evolution of the search engines.

Broad and inclusive definition
Strategy and set of practices
aimed at the acquisition and retention
from traffic

Some Considerations
The SEO is integrated within itself
business and communication strategy
company / institution.
The good positions for themselves
not worth anything, if you do not provide
nothing to the business objectives. I
here, therefore, the need to integrate
SEO strategy with the rest
marketing activities.


When you think of optimizing for search engines, you must know
that optimizing for keywords commonly used is not worth as
that the more general a term, it is likely that visitanted
your website will not buy.
Optimization with specific keywords is what you should
buscaar, because the more specific a term is more likely the
Visitors to your site will buy what you offer.
Another very important point is that you should not choose the terms most
Popular, but rather choose lesser-used phrases, and you will see how useful
How useful are they?
Say you optimize 100 websites with lesser-used phrases, and
that each of these pages will produce only one sale per month for an amount
$ 40. That's $ 4,000 per month or $ 48,000 a year for you.
Not bad :-)
In "How to Make Money Online" I taught him how to find hundreds of
keywords related to the content of your website.
Once you have found the best keywords, you can begin
to build their pages optimized through optimization template
of pages that gives him along with "How To Make Money Online" "
And then will come up with the top of the search engines
with hundreds of pages, as I have done with the site of Easy Home
I assure you that you can make a good monthly income in this way!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

How to Make Money Online?

How to make money online?

Hello! Welcome to this site, here we will teach and present the methods used to make money fast online.

The first thing to know is that right now there are thousands of people living (and very good) product of their work using the Internet, people who work from home and sometimes can earn more money than any other employee common and this can be achieved only with the use of a computer with an Internet connection.

Internet is a medium that gives you the opportunity to connect with the world, generating huge revenue potential. You do not need a big company, be an expert in business, have an idea to create the next YouTube or Facebook, or any phenomenal ability to make money online. Internet businesses can provide you with an additional income to your current income or may even become your main source of money.

Also, you should know that even make money while sitting at the computer in your house sounds very easy, any ideas on this page we'll introduce you mean "easy money". The revenue generated will be directly proportional to the effort you put into your activities.

The great magnates of the digital economy, ideas and strategies were probably correct, but it is also clear that they have had to work hard.

Remember that on this page we are not trying to sell anything, at any time you ask money for the information you'll find, just want to share the ways that exist to make money online.
What ways are there to make money online?

There are a variety of methods and techniques to make money online, but only some have the capacity and reliability to achieve a steady income, steady and secure for your pockets.

Throughout this website you will find several articles related to online business and possibly allow you to break into the Internet market, you also introduce comprehensive tutorials to implement some of the most relevant ideas, including advice for beginners and even maybe could present some ideas for more advanced users.

Initially I recommended visiting our section of ideas to make money, or explore all entries that are found throughout this site.

80 Tips to Make Money Online

To make money online requires mental preparation, a discipline like any work because no money is easy to get as some would have you believe. Many carried advertising into believing that the undertaking is easy money online. But quite the opposite, so if you want to do well with your job make money online, here I leave this 80 tips that will make the life a little easier if you want to make money with your blog or website.

Managed your Website / Blog

1. Choose your theme: Choose a good theme is essential for a successful blog. This should be good for you and profitable in terms of advertising.

2. Keep interested in your blog: You must have an interest or knowledge of the subject. Do not write about something I do not know.

3. Some themes are much more profitable: It is worth bearing in mind that if you're getting a high number of clicks on the ads, it is remarkable how quickly you can develop an interest in your topic profitable.

4. Finance: The topic should be related to a product that has a financial value. If your blog is about funny videos do not expect a high percentage of clicks. If you can get traffic to a blog on finance, insurance, mortgages, expect a higher return.

5. The motivation and interest can make profitable a theme: Any subject can make money providing you have enough traffic. Therefore, if you have the knowledge and interest in a subject, this may be one of the most profitable for you.

6. Write on products: Blogging about products is another way to generate high income. If you blog about philosophy, life in general, advertisers will not advertise products. If your blog is on some goods such as computers, cameras, etc.. There are a wide range of advertising programs that you can use.

7. Get your own domain: Do not use free domains like. and. This looks bad, people and advertisers will take you less seriously. It will be more difficult to get links. You will regret it at some point, maybe not today, but you will.

8. Take bold decisions: If you currently have an address., change it now.

9. Choose a catchy domain: If possible, also with keywords. The ideal domain should have two or three syllables that are memorable and remain in the minds of people. Put related keywords will help. However, it is essential as many people claim. Choose carefully, there comes a time when your domain change is painful work. Memorable titles of blogs as "blog seriously", "Geek Point", "Girl SEO", "Blogmundi", "Web Strokes ... :)".
Choosing your blogging platform

10. Choose WordPress: It's that simple.

11. Plugins for every need: WordPress offers great flexibility, a variety of plugins, and choice of topics. This is being developed and improved continuously. It is also stable. You can customize it as much or as little as you like. Many have made the transition from Blogger to WordPress.

12. My experience: This post was moved from Blogger to WordPress. I'm sure other blogging software have their advantages, but after trying a few, WordPress is the most easy and effective to use.
The first steps

13. A good, solid design is essential: It is true that you can avoid spending too much time on ornaments and cosmetics. But your blog has to look professional.

14. Avoid seem common, normal, ordinary: Do not use a standard theme that everyone has. At least one original header CREATE.

15. Content is king: I apologize for the cliché, but you should work on creating high quality content and interesting articles.

16. Be patient: Do not be discouraged if the traffic is low at first. Do not worry about your earnings, or the lack thereof in the first 6 months. It takes time to get good traffic.

17. Spread your words: Let people know you have a new blog. This can be done through emails and also commenting on other blogs.
Developing links

18. Links: Increase inbound links is essential for traffic and PageRank. Ideally come from various sources, preferably from websites or blog senior.

19. Natural links: You have to have something worth linking. Forgive me if you've read this 100 times, but it is necessary to emphasize that the best links are natural links, that is, people like what they see and link without you even ask that.

20. Increases your RSS readers: This group of readers can not to click on your ads, but they are much more likely to be bloggers. Are these RSS readers that most likely you will start to bind. Again, be patient, the first 100 subscribers are the 100 most difficult to obtain.

21. Chain links: Joining chains of links can help your blog get several links from different sites that are attached to this chain.

22. Link Exchange: I really do not recommend participating in link exchanges, I find that often bring more trouble than they are worth.

23. Links in Directories: worth submitting your blog to the best web directories like these and these.
How to increase your RSS subscribers

24. Guest Blogging: Writing articles for blog successful you can be known for new readers. The traffic is very well oriented, therefore, there is usually a high percentage of conversion of visitors.

25. Write articles on popular blog: Blogging gives people a better chance to be on the cover of Digg. If an item is popular, it can send you traffic for a long period.

26. Promotes subscription: Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog and offering a reward for it.

27. Have a consistent publication frequency: Once a day, is a very good frequency of publication. But to increase your RSS readers is always better quality over quantity. Two great articles a week can get your blog to be noticed. 10 items will be lost mediocre.
Writing Tips

28. Lists: Use the lists to make items more accessible and easier to examine. Many of the most popular items of the network are "Top 10 ...", "10 Things ...", "80 tips ...", "100 things ...".

29. The writing should be clear and concise: Do not add unnecessary phrases.

30. Good grammar and spelling are important: Even if you comment small errors, they will be picked up by someone. Worth avoiding some of the common mistakes and obvious.

31. Be confident and persuasive: Do not sit on the fence waiting, try to make your article provokes opinions and original.

32. Article Focus: Do not try to cover several items at once. It is better to divide the article into several sections.

33. Articles Column: Take time to write articles that are of very high quality. Some people refer to them as "items" column. These articles are an opportunity to showcase the best that your blog has to offer.

34. The best items should be visible: Make sure your best items are not hidden. A visitor should be able to find them again easily.

35. Keep it simple: Do not offer many choices - this may confuse readers. Make it clear where you would like them to be.

36. Have a logo and a memorable design.

37. Slogan: Do not underestimate the importance of a good slogan. This helps people tell you immediately that the blog is.

38. Images: Use images from time to time. The images create a powerful visual impact and encourage people to stay longer on your blog.

39. Do not exaggerate: Especially at the beginning, do not overload your blog with advertising. Having many AdSense make you look like spam.

40. Less is more: Reducing the number of AdSense not necessarily reduce your income.

41. Ad Position: The position of the ads is everything. The clickthrough rate varies tremendously depending on where you place the ads. Look at people who are known to earn enough to put AdSense and see where your ads, then try to accommodate to your blog. However, I must say that this is by design of each blog, which for a blog can work very well, not for another.

42. Sell ​​links: Sell bonds directly or through others as LinkLift, is used to provide a good way of monetizing your blog. (Especially if your blog is about blogging or SEO). This has changed with Google's discouragement sell links. Some people still continues to sell links, but if you have to be prepared for any kind of penalty from Google. This has created a degree of uncertainty with this method of revenue collection.

43. Text links should be relevant: If you sell links, do not sell your soul. Make sure links are worth having. No games have links to a blog about SEO. This point is very important given Google's recent war against the sale of bonds. If links are closely related to your text, you should be able to escape detection. But they'll expose inappropriate links.

44. Experiment: Experiment with different types of advertising. I have found that the most effective advertising depends on the type of blog.

45. Advertising page: Provides an advertising page, where you can offer people the ability to advertise.

46. Affiliates: Finding a good affiliate system is one of the most important things to maximize the monetary potential of your blog. This becomes easier when your blog more traffic develops.

47. Paid Reviews: Review Zync and I can be a good source of income, but do not let this take over your blog, as it may discourage your readers. It is probably best to wait until you can sell at a high price and not just the minimum $ 20.

48. Text Links Ads is another good affiliate system that can deliver solid returns for its use.

49. LinkLift: This is another good affiliate system, perhaps with more links is Spanish client that Text Links Ads.

50. Google AdSense: AdSense can deliver good profits and is easy to implement, especially for new bloggers. However, there is life beyond AdSense. Try not to be dependent on a single advertising system.

51. Google Referrals: If you can get the right ads, Google referrals can bring far more revenue than normal AdSense ads. The system is still in development and is likely to improve over time.
Increase traffic

52. Develop links is essential for higher positions in search engines.

53. The titles you choose for your articles are very important. You need to choose keywords that people are searching for. At the same time, you should choose keywords that do not have much competition from other sites. It is best to choose 3 or 4 titles with keywords in it.

54. Your stats will show your most effective keywords. Try variations of these keywords to benefit related search. If people come to your blog to "Supermarkets" try "Supermarkets in Bogota."

55. Do not just rely on the search engines, put emphasis on RSS readers, this allows the traffic, even if search engines change their algorithms.

56. Post frequently: One way to make money online is to go for quantity. This does not necessarily mean quality has to suffer, but you should try to write most relatively quickly. Some items may take 10 to 20 minutes to write. Not all items must be a lot of text.

57. Lee 100 ways to get more traffic to your blog.

58. Write interesting titles: To ensure that people read the article.

59. The first sentence is very important: It is necessary to attract people within the article.

60. Do not exaggerate with headlines such Linkbait: Do not forget also your average readers.

61. The Linkbait has an undeserved bad reputation. The Linkbait is about creating great content that people want to read and link to.

62. A good Linkbait would be an article of the top 100 ...

63. A list of the top 100 bloggers is a good linkbait.

64. Try to do something original that has not been done before.

65. A Linkbait needs to be promoted, not just writing.

66. Send an email to key bloggers who may be interested. Note: This may help if they see a benefit in the linkbait. The list of top 100 bloggers work well because they are happy to be listed among the top 100.

67. Ask your friends to vote for you on Digg, Autobombéame, etc. ..
Social Media

68. You can choose to send an article to Digg, but get to the front cover of this is very difficult, especially for new bloggers.

69. You can spend hours trying to create a good account on Digg. But it's probably better that you focus on your site, on your own blog.

70. Encourage people to vote your items by offering something in return.

71. This is great for sending traffic. However, it helps you to vote for your article more than once.

72. The traffic is not all: Social media can send lots of traffic, but these visits are rarely in your blog or subscribe.

73. Comments may be one way to gain profile for you and your blog. The key is to comment on your blog popular theme.

74. Comments may also go against you. Be careful when criticizing others or spam.

75. I advise leaving the real name in your comment. Simple but effective.

76. Try saying something more than just "good article".

77. If you mean many things, why not do an article about it and you link to the article from a comment.

78. Keep your comments in perspective, this can help to gain a few readers and some traffic.

79. Thank him commentators and encourage them to visit you again.
Be Professional

80. You must have a good contact form and a good page 'About'.

How to Write a University Review Article

A review article of the university is an essay in which a student makes a review about a scholarly article. More than a summary, a review article provides the student knowledge of the content of the article. While instructors usually provide specific lines to write review articles at the university level, there are guidelines that apply generally. A review article includes a brief summary of main ideas and critique with examples that support it.

Level of difficulty:Moderate
    Read and reread the article. As you read the article, pay more attention to the author's thesis and ideas that support it. See the introduction, conclusion and headings for orientation points. Start by writing down your answers to these areas.

Think deeply about the author's thesis and how it supports their position and claims. Ask and answer questions to guide your analysis. Examples include determining the author's approach in each section. How does this approach to the author's thesis? Refléjalo in your answers. Does the author presents a valid argument? Does the evidence supporting it is concise? Is the information gives reason to agree or disagree with the thesis and the individual points?

Write a summary of a paragraph on the article. An analysis of a work product is more critical than a book. The summary is only a brief summary of the main points. The brevity is essential. Generally, not exceeding a paragraph.
Described in the next section if the article contributes to the field and how. Does the article offers new insights to your topic? Is the field of study is the thesis advanced by the author or support your claims? Always put examples.

Write your assessment, which can be several paragraphs. This is the substance of your analysis of the article. Critical material for writing quality and value for academic research. Does the research is direct? Explain. Your teacher may want you will Relates Item analysis for the course content. Determines if the item is relevant in their field and to the subject of your class.

Online Freelancer Jobs

The online jobs are available for interested persons who enjoy exploring new technology and focus on individual workloads that are designed around a virtual workforce.

Some works include the use of virtual office software, but many of those jobs are fairly easy to do without buying new software, specifically written so jobs allow college students and experienced writers assist in the development of the works written for clients.

Such projects are not for people who are reluctant to spend time on content development, researching new ideas, but they are for a specific type. The freelancer jobs are a great source of income for most people, but not everyone can do the job.

The types of people who are best for online work are self-starters, an organized people can keep track of commitments, dedicated guardians and people with skills in communicating with others. This is because unlike other jobs, freelancer jobs are all about your ability to communicate with others.

Your success with online freelance work revolves around their ability to use verbal cues in written language, their ability to express thoughts and emotions with words and communication sharing. Unlike other types of jobs, a writer must understand people, technology and information. These skills, combined with the work ethic, self-established, and a writer can do a job for a freelancer job.

Above is an oDesk Banner, you can click on it to sign up as a freelancer or a client. Post any questions you have in the comments section.

The commitment puts Android Sony as the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the Spanish market

Sony Mobile

The guys at Sony have recently in the phone market, but really are experts not in vain talk about one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, also has inherited the experience and the expertise of its predecessor Sony Ericsson. Today our country is presented in the new flagship of the company, the expected Sony Xperia T, from the producer to have spared the time to talk about numbers.

The commitment to Android a while ago, when the platform was emerging exponentially, rose to a Sony Ericsson in freefall, who took their good designs and differentiation marked by the details rather than brute force to register as one of the preferred vendors terminal users with Google's operating system.

Sony took the reins of a horse gallop again and in his first year at the helm and have got placed as the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the market of our country.

This success not only forged a striking first batch of terminals we saw at Mobile World Congress 2012, the Xperia NXT range, but Sony did not rest on their laurels devices featuring all ranges and with different characteristics, even daring one high-end terminal resistance certificates as Sony acro S, but without forgetting that the hallmark of the brand is in good designs and finishes.

Sony Xperia U

According feature from Sony Mobile Spain in the first seven months of this year have put a million devices in Spain, doubling its sales figures last year. If we speak of "share", Sony has now reached 20% of the market thanks to a very broad and Xperia catalog prices restrained to be products certified by the Japanese brand.

As if this were not enough, since the company report that Spain is already in the Top 3 European countries with better numbers for them, and that the forecast is to sell two million Xperia smartphones and reach 25% market share before end of this year 2012.

To help it not only to be well positioned in all ranges, but also the numerous agreements with operators and, above all, the launch of the Xperia T terminal has every incentive to become a bestseller.

Bouncer, combating malware in the Android Market

It is a fact that in the Android Market and Google malware sneaks reacts. Bouncer have submitted, an automatic system that analyzes uploaded to Market applications to detect (and eliminate) the potential malware detected. Is it effective?

Google did not exert too strict controls on applications
programmers who rose to Android Market and could be
downloaded directly by users without going through a filter that
finds her safety. Apple, however, a study done much
tighter before publishing their applications in AppStore, so
which has allowed it to keep "margin" industry target

Bouncer Google aims with one hand, detect and eliminate the
known malware threats. Furthermore, the study also
developers and may deny access to potential fraudsters.

Although it was introduced now, Bouncer takes time working.
According to Google, this has allowed in 2011 to decay by 40% the number
hazardous discharges. Interestingly, Google seems
make a veiled criticism towards the houses and their messages antivirus
advertising: "This decline occurs while companies
that market and sell antivirus solutions report that
harmful applications are increasing. "

How it works

This is an automatic analysis software, which does not require the
developer go through any approval process.

* On the one hand, performs a static analysis when climbing one
application, looking for known malware. So, you miss one or more
firms antivirus engines. This is the same method that was Firefox
and, of course, is not sufficient by itself. In fact, it has
slinks allowed at least two occasions, in malware
official repository of Mozilla extensions.

* In addition, applications executing them dynamically analyzed
automatically in a virtual environment and checking their behavior.
Permits monitoring "abusive" to the terminal is a good
indicator that something strange may be happening. Depending on
how to hone their rules, this "heuristic" can be quite
effective. Is supposed to remain in effect while the assailants
know not detect this environment because, as is now commonly
in the PC world, the malicious code might not run if it detects that
is in a virtualized environment.

* For other accounts monitored developers to
prevent illegitimate applications go up again once they have been
detected. This step, although logical, not prevent accounts from being created
false or hijacked accounts to raise legal developers

With developments like Bouncer, Google claims that not a continuing
certain operating system image "unsafe" it is acquiring
Android, because of the ease to induce or downloading malware
supposedly hiding in legitimate applications. But above all, his
goal is to avoid headlines like this "The 'malware' in Android has
increased by 472%, "published in 2011.

Best Free Antivirus Software

Antivirus software provides an essential layer of protection against a multitude of threats of viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, dialers, keyloggers and rootkits. Traditionally antivirus programs just detected viruses and spyware cleaners just detected spyware but nowadays the boundary between antivirus and spyware cleaners are diffuse. Most current antivirus detection rates are at least reasonably good with all forms of malware.
Malware (short for malicious software, or malware) includes viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, adware, dialers, keyloggers, rootkits and other hostile software to perform malicious activities on a computer. With the huge increase in malware, antivirus software can not keep fully abreast in detecting all. Therefore it is very important to use a multilayer security settings. However, the use of more than one resident antivirus can cause conflicts and even reduce protection, and employs many more system resources, so I recommend you choose only one antivirus for real-time protection. Instead, you can increase your protection using other security software.
I have reviewed several free antivirus programs which are vital in protecting your computer against viruses and other malware.
Avira AntiVir Personal Edition is my best choice for a free antivirus software you're the best protection against viruses, spyware and rootkits. AntiVir is very light on resources and wattage kind that yields the detection rate of malware is outstanding, even better than other antivirus according to tests. However, there are some reservations.
First, AntiVir does not include email scanning, it is only available in the paid version. The lack of an email scanner is not really a disadvantage, it just means that AntiVir will not warn you of infected emails before you open them. However, in the case of you to open one infected, AntiVir will into action, so that does not mean you are not protected against infection based on e-mail. Second, AntiVir has advertisements that appear with each update, but you can disable these ads. Moreover, although in the past had problems Antivir signature database update, it appears that these disadvantages have been solved.
Microsoft Security Essentials is my personal favorite, with good detection rates, particularly for rootkits. Even more impressive is that Security Essentials has very few false positives, is light on resource consumption and good to remove existing malware.
Microsoft Security Essentials is the best choice for average users because it requires very little user interaction. It automatically updates and removes threats. No registration required, just need to validate your copy of Windows, and not find annoying screens or advertisements.
Its main disadvantages are the slow scan and the large amount of time needed to put the malware in quarantine. Also, MSE is not available in some countries, so that users of these areas will have to look elsewhere. Note that Microsoft Security Essentials requires a genuine copy of Windows to install.

Avast! Free Antivirus is also an excellent free antivirus, which is also very popular. Its virus detection rates are on par with AntiVir and Microsoft Security Essentials. Avast has the most features, with full capacity in resident protection, including shields for web browsing, email, IM, P2P and network protection, scheduled scanning at startup and blocking of suspicious behavior. Furthermore, Avast is fairly light in terms of consumption of resources.
These free antivirus programs are excellent, they are a real alternative to most commercial antivirus.
Running protection can increase demand scans with another antivirus. Demand scans can be run periodically to check that your main antivirus doctor has not missed a virus, trojan, worm, spyware, adware, keylogger, rootkit or other malware. However, if you set in advance a good preventive security strategy, the extra protection offered by demand scans is minimal.
A great choice for on demand scans is a-squared Free, which began as a program to remove trojans but recently included the Ikarus antivirus engine. The detection rate is incredibly high, at the height of AntiVir, making it a great option for on-demand scans. Unfortunately, it has many false positives and the size of the updates is so great that it becomes inappropriate for users with dial-up connections.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition deserves special mention because it is so popular. Although this veteran antivirus has been of the most recommended, I think in recent times, without being bad, and not comparable to the free antivirus above. Its size and resource consumption have increased considerably, the scanning speed is slow and includes ads (although you can disable).
I'll also mention several free antivirus that are popular and I've tried, but I have included in this article for its low detection rates

WhatsApp for Android is updated to add new emoticons

WhatsApp for Android

Android WhatsApp is updated again to improve other functionality. A few days ago extended the limit of the groups up to 30 people now we finally bring our new Android devices emoticons enjoyed long competition.

In version 2.8.5310 considerably increases the amount of added emoticons and symbols. Button changes the interface to add emoticons to go by sliding tabs, and add the latest tab for quick access to those most use Emoji icons. In this new version also improves the interface button to attach a file to our conversations.