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Monday, 15 October 2012


When you think of optimizing for search engines, you must know
that optimizing for keywords commonly used is not worth as
that the more general a term, it is likely that visitanted
your website will not buy.
Optimization with specific keywords is what you should
buscaar, because the more specific a term is more likely the
Visitors to your site will buy what you offer.
Another very important point is that you should not choose the terms most
Popular, but rather choose lesser-used phrases, and you will see how useful
How useful are they?
Say you optimize 100 websites with lesser-used phrases, and
that each of these pages will produce only one sale per month for an amount
$ 40. That's $ 4,000 per month or $ 48,000 a year for you.
Not bad :-)
In "How to Make Money Online" I taught him how to find hundreds of
keywords related to the content of your website.
Once you have found the best keywords, you can begin
to build their pages optimized through optimization template
of pages that gives him along with "How To Make Money Online" "
And then will come up with the top of the search engines
with hundreds of pages, as I have done with the site of Easy Home
I assure you that you can make a good monthly income in this way!