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Saturday, 13 October 2012

How to Make Money with Android

Earn money with Android is possible using any of the available advertising systems using SDK can Merge onto Android applications.
Make Money with Admob

It is known to have been acquired by Google and therefore the network is using the same technology behind Adsense. Admob earnings in your applications may vary depending on traffic as well as the subject of your application or that captures the public. Some argue that it could reap good profits although there are conflicting opinions on the net. For example, the author of Advanced Task Manager has indicated that with the free version and decided to try Admob generated as with the paid version, $ 30,000.

Make Money with Airpush Android
This is another ad platform for Android that we can use in our applications. It is an alternative for those unable to use Admob for some reason, for example those who have Adsense accounts disabled or not wanting to use the ad network