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Saturday, 13 October 2012

How to Write a University Review Article

A review article of the university is an essay in which a student makes a review about a scholarly article. More than a summary, a review article provides the student knowledge of the content of the article. While instructors usually provide specific lines to write review articles at the university level, there are guidelines that apply generally. A review article includes a brief summary of main ideas and critique with examples that support it.

Level of difficulty:Moderate
    Read and reread the article. As you read the article, pay more attention to the author's thesis and ideas that support it. See the introduction, conclusion and headings for orientation points. Start by writing down your answers to these areas.

Think deeply about the author's thesis and how it supports their position and claims. Ask and answer questions to guide your analysis. Examples include determining the author's approach in each section. How does this approach to the author's thesis? Refléjalo in your answers. Does the author presents a valid argument? Does the evidence supporting it is concise? Is the information gives reason to agree or disagree with the thesis and the individual points?

Write a summary of a paragraph on the article. An analysis of a work product is more critical than a book. The summary is only a brief summary of the main points. The brevity is essential. Generally, not exceeding a paragraph.
Described in the next section if the article contributes to the field and how. Does the article offers new insights to your topic? Is the field of study is the thesis advanced by the author or support your claims? Always put examples.

Write your assessment, which can be several paragraphs. This is the substance of your analysis of the article. Critical material for writing quality and value for academic research. Does the research is direct? Explain. Your teacher may want you will Relates Item analysis for the course content. Determines if the item is relevant in their field and to the subject of your class.