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Monday, 15 October 2012

Defining Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
is the practice of using a range
techniques, including rewriting
html code, content editing,
Navigation on the site,
link campaigns and actions,
to improve the position
on a website
search engine results for
some specific search terms.

Additional definition
From its acronym in English (Search Engine
Optimization) is the practice
using a number of techniques
optimization involving the
page (with so-called factors
on site) and socialization on the Internet
with other pages (called
factors off site) in order to
improve the position of a website
in the search engine results
for a search term
These techniques, and its relevance to
improve positioning, are diverse
and changing with
the continued evolution of the search engines.

Broad and inclusive definition
Strategy and set of practices
aimed at the acquisition and retention
from traffic

Some Considerations
The SEO is integrated within itself
business and communication strategy
company / institution.
The good positions for themselves
not worth anything, if you do not provide
nothing to the business objectives. I
here, therefore, the need to integrate
SEO strategy with the rest
marketing activities.