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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ten Productivity Apps for Android

On other occasions we have seen what were the best productivity apps for iPhone and today's task is to find those that work for the same purpose but for mobile devices and Android. As you can imagine many of them will be the same but it is worth mentioning that there are exclusive productivity apps for the Android platform that will surely interest you and know you will see below.

10 Productivity Apps for Android

    Citrix Receiver. It is an Android client for Citrix XenApp apps that allows access to your company files, applications and virtual desktops from any device.
    Grapher. It is an application that turns our Android device into a graphing calculator with which we can make plots of mathematical functions, save graphs as image, find the points of intersection between various functions, zoom in on the graphs represented and others.
    AndroZip. With this application we can handle compressed files freely. It supports various formats including ZIP (even password protected), RAR, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2.
    Evernote. It is a complete application that works as multimedia notebook in which we can keep our notes sorted and quickly access your notes from anywhere device.
    OneNote Mobile. This is an application similar to Evernote which was developed by Microsoft and uses SkyDrive to store files and notes in the cloud.
    CamScanner. This became our Android application on a scanner through which capture images, process them, and even share them together in one single multi-page PDF.
    Remote Desktop. It is an application that allows you to remotely access the desktop of our computers through the Microsoft RDP protocol (Remote Desktop). We can control the PC, launch applications, open and edit files and more.
    HP ePrint Home & Biz. This HP Android app allows users who own an HP send documents or photos over WiFi to print directly, without having to dump the contents of your PC as an intermediate step to printing.
    Dropbox. It is in file hosting service in the cloud that allows you to upload documents to be stored there and can be accessed from any computer or device you have installed the application.
    Astrid. It is a powerful task manager through which we plan to do items and scoring the new activities to be assigned. Works like a professional reminder calendar that can even be used in a group.

So far our list of the best Android productivity applications. Probably know more of the above and if you are interested in downloading some of them just go to Google and look for it Play by name.

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