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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The commitment puts Android Sony as the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the Spanish market

Sony Mobile

The guys at Sony have recently in the phone market, but really are experts not in vain talk about one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, also has inherited the experience and the expertise of its predecessor Sony Ericsson. Today our country is presented in the new flagship of the company, the expected Sony Xperia T, from the producer to have spared the time to talk about numbers.

The commitment to Android a while ago, when the platform was emerging exponentially, rose to a Sony Ericsson in freefall, who took their good designs and differentiation marked by the details rather than brute force to register as one of the preferred vendors terminal users with Google's operating system.

Sony took the reins of a horse gallop again and in his first year at the helm and have got placed as the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the market of our country.

This success not only forged a striking first batch of terminals we saw at Mobile World Congress 2012, the Xperia NXT range, but Sony did not rest on their laurels devices featuring all ranges and with different characteristics, even daring one high-end terminal resistance certificates as Sony acro S, but without forgetting that the hallmark of the brand is in good designs and finishes.

Sony Xperia U

According feature from Sony Mobile Spain in the first seven months of this year have put a million devices in Spain, doubling its sales figures last year. If we speak of "share", Sony has now reached 20% of the market thanks to a very broad and Xperia catalog prices restrained to be products certified by the Japanese brand.

As if this were not enough, since the company report that Spain is already in the Top 3 European countries with better numbers for them, and that the forecast is to sell two million Xperia smartphones and reach 25% market share before end of this year 2012.

To help it not only to be well positioned in all ranges, but also the numerous agreements with operators and, above all, the launch of the Xperia T terminal has every incentive to become a bestseller.