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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Best Productivity Apps for Android tablets

Productivity Applications for tablets

We continue with our special on the best Android apps for tablets, this time we'll talk about some of the most useful productivity applications. We know that one of the advantages of carrying a tablet over on our shift is significant increase how productive you can be taking notes, saving ideas, drawing, reading documents, etc ...

We briefly summarize a selection of the applications that match will help us capitalize on our tablet (also adapted for 7-inch screens like the Nexus 7) when we attended a meeting, conference or use the time we wanted to travel to advance some Working matter.
3 SwiftKey for tablets

For those who are not used to typing on the keyboard of a tablet, there are applications like SwiftKey 3 for tablets that enable us to have a more ergonomic keyboard when the tablet hold them horizontally with both hands. It has different keyboard configurations and multilanguage support to predict the words you're writing.

3 SwiftKey for tablets


Evernote has become an essential applications. With it we can make storing notes in text, picture or audio and picture if we integrate with Skitch. All organized in notebooks and sync with the cloud allowing to have the same content on your desktop, mobile, tablet or web. If we have premium version you can edit and synchronize offline.

Its tablet version uses the entire screen so we can see the individual notes next to the menu with all the books on the side.


No doubt the tablet version of TeamViewer allows us to better control our computer remotely. Adapted for tablets can remotely view and perform actions interacting with Windows, Mac, Linux. It is okay to use multi-touch gestures, as well as zoom, scroll, drag & drop, etc ... We can save some trouble when we need to access our computer to perform some action on our own team. All the power of our computer driven cómodament from our Android tablet.

Google Calendar

One of the Google applications that come pre-installed on most tablets we can check and manage our Google Calendar seamlessly. Their adaptation to tablet allows an improved view of both weekly and monthly events (where we see much better each event and its labels). The screen layout allows us to compare best available dates and events. Essential to carry all kinds of meetings, events or appointments when we travel with the tablet.

Adobe Reader

Fundamental to read pdfs on mobility and even fill PDF forms. The A4 pdf format are read much better on a tablet, plus conveniently use all features such as search, comment or bookmark pages of our paper.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

To edit any image in our tablet can use one of the most popular tools in the world of photo editing, Adobe Photoshop Touch as. An adaptation to Android tablets of the main characteristics of the tool. With it we can make all kinds of changes and manage our image library.

I mention also another interesting tool to prototype applications and wireframes as Adobe Proto. Both are extra but if you really want a tool of this kind in our tablets are the best currently.

Google Drive

If we have to handle different document format and have them always available, the best we can do is use Google Drive, as we mentioned in the post of the best applications for Tablets Google, we can open both PDF and Office documents hosted on servers Google or Offline. The tablet version shows more information in the same window.

It is unfortunate that almost all complete office solutions for our tablets like QuickOffice Pro HD or Office Pro 6 HD are payment. Both are very interesting options and if we use intensively its price worth paying.

SkecthBook Express

Large displays of tablets allow us to slide across the screen to scribble drawings, one of the best action-rich applications is SkecthBook Express. We can draw different lines profiles with their numbers and give effect to our drawings. With the help of a pencil can make authentic artistic creations like a sketchbook will be dealt with more sophisticated brushes.