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Thursday, 4 October 2012


A dedicated server can be defined as a web server, mostly single, that is exclusively dedicated to host a single customers business, this is commonly utilized by big businesses. Most businesses see dedicated severs as the best option because it gives them a chance to customize both the hardware and software setup to their specific requirements; low cost dedicated servers also come with quality customer service. When you are setting up a website, looking for a dedicated server can be a tasking job especially a low cost option. It’s only the price that differentiates low cost dedicated servers from other servers.

Dedicated servers offer a site faster speeds as the there are no other users to share bandwidth which also reduces the chances of viral attacks that have a high probability of occurring when sharing a server. With high speeds, enormous traffic is handled without problems. This method of hosting is advantageous to other methods for the reason that the cheap dedicated servers offer complete access of resources to one customer. This translates to each customer possessing their own resources and dedicated servers to work with.

In addition to fast speeds, these servers can be depended upon to deliver considerable stability, this is a convenience for businesses to manage and monitor their web servers. Service providers give a warranty of 100% uptime and ensure outstanding customer service and safety of the data hosted. The service providers ensure safety of the data by running antivirus programs from time to time the rid the servers of viruses that can destroy user’s information.

Many businesses tend to utilize the fast speeds offered by dedicated servers not because they need the physical space but for the reason of hosting other businesses also, they sublease the extra space to other websites to set up their domains at a fee.

Server’s running Windows operating system support dozens of applications and software whilst Linux dedicated servers provide more room for flexibility and customization. Dedicated server’s price range from thirty dollars and above, this is dependent on the customer choice of software, hardware, and the processor speeds.