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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Increase Productivity with these Five apps for Android

In terms of smartphones, the Android operating system while longer just a contender, and today, with over 700,000 devices activated per day, became the most popular mobile platform in the world. In terms of applications, the Android Market has over 400,000 apps published, and there are very valued parallel stores like Samsung Apps and the Amazon Appstore for Android, which are very useful options for users of these devices marks.

With so many choices, it's hard to know where to start or what are the best alternatives. In this section, Apps for Android, we are constantly recommending applications of all kinds, and we suggest starting five that will help you be more productive in their daily activities.

Without exaggerating, we believe that these five 'apps' are essential for all Android users. All are free.

Evernote is available on multiple platforms, and the Android version is one of the most versatile.
To take notes: Evernote.

Evernote is a service that we recommended for Web and has achieved some popularity. Being able to capture all the ideas that come to mind writing notes, taking a photo of a place, making a video that you can use later or even sound recording is something that is priceless.

The Evernote application for Android is very simple to use and with a simple home screen allows or capture new notes, see notes above and modify them, see labels and to create different notebooks to group notes.

The best thing is that with your Evernote account can access all your notes from any device: smartphone, a computer or a tablet. And if you do not have access to their own equipment, you can do it from any other, entering the website.


Drobpox, the jewel of storage and file synchronization, has a very good 'app' for this platform.
To bring everything to everywhere: Dropbox.

If there is another cloud service that is as popular as Evernote is Dropbox. The ability to store any type of files in the cloud and access them anywhere is valuable, especially in a mobile device. With the Dropbox app is not necessary to save the information on your smartphone or tablet: you can access it provided you have Internet connection.

The application displays a screen in which, besides seeing your wallet as we have ordered, you will have the option to upload a file that is on your device or do those have in your shortlist. As Dropbox works in the cloud, everything you do on your device can be found in other computers that have Dropbox installed, or from the website.

Astrid is friendly and efficient in its work to help improve productivity.
Never forget anything: Astrid.

As a good organization is key to productivity, and make lists of tasks to be done is always useful, and what better way to remind your mobile device all. That is Astrid, a unique application for Android that is notable for the familiarity with which helps you organize your life.

Create a task is easy and has many options, such as scheduling ads and create lists. But the best and most useful and funny are the reminders, which will tell Astrid posts 'very human'.

For example, "Are you done?" Will be the question after the start time pass activity, if your task postponed several times, Astrid will say "No more procrastinating!" And also congratulate him when he has served his purpose .

Many of the activities you can do on an Android device can now be made with the voice.
Need assistant? Vlingo.

Do not be jealous of those with Siri on your iPhone 4S. Android also gives you the possibility of having your own personal assistant with Vlingo, that through voice recognition feature that Google has since 2009 and has applied to your platform to make everything more agile.

Just speak can send text messages, call someone, find a topic on the network, post on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, find somewhere for Google Maps or listen to your voice mail. Very useful for those who need something quickly or widely used handsfree.

This tool is useful to better organize files and increase the available capacity of the BlackBerry.
Manage files: AndroZip.

Many times you can not handle it all by Internet-as with Dropbox, but it is necessary to store various types of documents on the device. Among the photos you take, some downloads your mail and folders that it creates, the more documents that create some applications, it may be difficult to find something. With AndroZip can easily explore all that is in phone or tablet, or move it from place to compress a file. Zip.

With a simple interface, free version has a more-complete for $ 2.65 contains a top menu that you can explore to touch, and he can go up and down folders, compress files, search for documents and to manage other applications , and make a backup if you want to delete something, among other tasks.

Android fans, if they are as useful application users how are you, in the comments area have the opportunity to share with newcomers to the platform or who are planning to buy a device with it.