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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Schedule Facebook posts A tool for spam?

Facebook's new tool to schedule postings fan pages has become a good news for many administrators fan pages and bad news for companies that service by giving external applications.

Now Facebook allows programming publications easily with a minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of six months, one of the main characteristics of these publications is that they are penalized (which if it happens with external applications) as they are same (apparently) any publication made manually in Facebook news wall (you can not see any symbol or sign that says "posted via" as with external applications) which has encouraged many Page administrators followers However, it is important to emphasize that we should not abuse this tool because it can give a misleading picture of our fan page (our fans may think or feel that the site is being managed by an automated program, not a person ) or worse be considered SPAM.

Remember that people connect to Facebook to communicate with friends and when they follow a website company or business do believe that they are communicating with other people and not automated programs, add value to our fans is not just "schedule publications for the week or the month "but really listen and interact with our followers naturally. Importantly for us to use this function must first register (or drop) the date of creation, foundation or beginning of our company or business in the timeline (or timeline) to our fan page after eta on recent action publications can schedule indicating the year, month, day, hour and minute.

Due to its ease of use we can say that this tool will become an important support for the work of publishing content of many administrators fan pages on Facebook.