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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Skip the Metro Interface of Windows 8 and Use The Conventional taskbar

One of the criticisms leveled against Windows 8 Metro interface is that although it is very functional for tablets in conventional computers is not practical. That's why programs like StartMenu8 are very popular in the new operating system from Microsoft.

StartMenu8 is a program specially designed for Windows 8, offering a perfect solution for users who just have a computer with Windows 8 and still not used to the Metro interface it. One of the great things about this program is that it brings the Windows menu bar, the conventional life to make you feel more comfortable in your new computer.

The program will make the computer boot directly into the Windows 8 conventional desktop and skip the annoying Metro interface.

The program has a very simple setup, as we give just double-click the right mouse button on the bar and select conventional Windows to startup when Windows starts and skip the Metro option. This will show StartMenu8 conventional desktop access to programs, documents and archives.