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Sunday, 23 September 2012

What is Google PageRank (PR) ?

 PageRank is a technology developed by the Google search engine index representing a popularity of your website.
It is between 0 and 10, plus the index is, the better your website will be well positioned on Google. More specifically, each page has its own index and generally, we will look at your home page.
It is important to note that index 0 does not match referencing non-existent but at the first level of SEO in Google.
 How the PageRank  operates.
The principle of operation is simple and is based on the notion of "backlinks" ("backlinks"). More backlinks a page has good quality (ie pages pointing to it and having a high PageRank), plus its PageRank is important, and the better it will be positioned in Google. Indeed, we consider a link to a web page is equivalent to a "vote" in favor of it. However, links of poor quality (low PageRank) are not necessarily beneficial to the page. It should be noted that backlinks from sites considered institutional quality (in. Edu and. Org) contribute to give a "serious" web page and thus contribute to increase its PageRank.
Often the question is asked, "How does it get backlinks to having a PageRank of 3?".
Simple answer is always the same: "We can not answer this question because the PageRank does not depend on the number of links, it also depends mostly PageRank of each link ...". Put differently, a page can have a PageRank of 3 with one backlink while another may have 1000 backlinks and PageRank of 3 also.
How to increase the PageRank of my site?
You can subscribe to many directories that will increase your backlinks and thus your PageRank. However, they are generally of poor quality. Another method is to talk to your website by making a link to it on forums (eg and other social networks (eg that generate significant traffic. Depending on your business, there are many community sites where your intervention as a professional will be welcome.
In addition, the best way to increase its PageRank is simple: Provide quality textual content, updated regularly, and interested users. Thus, many webmasters will link to your page, which will help to improve your PageRank and hence your ranking in Google and thereby the number of your visitors.
Finally, if you want a Alernative where we take care for you to improve your PageRank and guarantee you a position on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.
You can post your comments below and boost your sites ranking.

How Claim Your Spot On The first Page of Google

Among the most important techniques that rely on search engines in the world to classify sites and determine their order in the results when you search for a word is a technology invented by Google, of course, you can make your site among the first results in Google or other search engines. Must take account of this and use technology to your site (as you know, the latest statistics confirm that 50 percent of users of websites to learn through search engines).
What is PageRank
PageRank is a vote by all the other pages on the Web, the importance of a page is a link to a page counts as a vote of support. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be PageRank of the page.
PageRank is a technology that relies on search engines to assess the importance and reputation of your site.
PR is the numerical value of numbers from 1 to 10, representing the importance of your website.
Below are 10 Tips on How to Increase Google PageRank
It is undeniable that all website owners desire to have a very high PageRank Google. This is simply because the more pagerank of your site, the greater its chances of being seen on the first results of a search engine. It also gives a greater chance of pulling up their income and improve site traffic as well.
TIP 01: Get more backlinks and build link popularity. The backlink quantity and quality that lead to your website can certainly affect your pagerank. Quality sites that are linking to your site are a big plus. People will surely trust that the "quality" of the site and to check on your website without a doubt.
TIP 02: Check out some SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization is a very effective way to raise the pagerank of your website. Many website owners nowadays rely on search engine optimization to increase their pagerank. In fact, SEO has not failed and continues to flourish and expand pageranks websites in the Internet domain.
TIP 03: submission to article directories. This is one of the most basic ways to help you create more backlinks and resources that can get more visibility for the site.
TIP 04: Put a author box at the end of the article and this is your chance to put the URL of your website. It can’t reach a large number of viewers, but it will certainly help with people more curious about the article writer with interest in finding out who the writer is.
TIP 05: Do not go leaving comments on any site that you see on the web. As the definition goes pagerank, it is not based on the amount and caring. Instead, he seeks quality content.
TIP 06: Do not participate in link exchanges with other random people who also want to increase their pagerank. Google can detect that your website is simply considered random composed of low quality links. In this case, Google may even downgrade your site.
TIP 07: Always write original content. Never let your content authors to copy or republish the same content from other sites. Plagiarism knows no excuses, even in today's Internet.
TIP 08: If you have more than one website, do not copy and paste just the website content from one to the other. Google does not know that these sites are owned by the same person and eventually decommission a Web site, or even both
TIP 09: Location writers who can write good quality articles. There are writers nowadays many items that are not more quality articles. This is one of many reasons why many websites Flunk on their pagerank. You can post on sites like Craigslist or oDesk to look for quality writers for your website.
TIP 10: Know that good quality content is the main key to increase the PageRank of your website. If the content of your website is desirable, then essentially people will want to link to it. Thanks to this, other quality websites will be a link to it because they trust the high quality websites that have linked to your website.
If you are a blogger do not hesitate to leave a comment for this article if you want and put a link to your blog as an external link.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

RUMOR: The Samsung Galaxy S4 arrive in February 2013

A few months after we had the Samsung Galaxy S3 in our hands, now rumors have begun circulating about the possibility of seeing its successor in the month of February  the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.

According to the rumor, the phone's S4 Galaxy star of South Koreans would be designed, the anonymous informant closely linked to the company, says that her image would be attached to the Galaxy S3 design and come with a 5-inch OLED screen and a processor quad-core Exynos made ​​by Samsung. It will also include the latest version of Android that would also stores a month after it was announced.

I presume that Samsung is working to improve the phone and make improvements that serve to counter attack somewhat the iPhone 5's dominance (which some experts did not have much of innovator) .

Pornography, illegal software and social networks: the dangers to children online

A Kaspersky Report

They have been a total of 60 million attempts to access pornographic websites a month, four times more than social networks.

Ti Journal: As the Internet plays an increasingly important role in the lives of children and adolescents, parents are more concerned about the ease with which you can access unwanted content on the network. This fact is supported by the growing number of users active parental controls on products of Kaspersky Lab now starting the school year in many countries, Kaspersky Lab has analyzed the statistics generated by the parental control in the last six months in all the world.

The main objective Parental Control is to help parents protect their children from the dangers of uncontrolled use of Internet. This feature is not enabled by default, but parents should do and choose which categories of Web pages - among other features - their children can access.

The data generated by Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) show that parental control alarms jump more often in the "pornography, erotica", "social networking" and "illegal software". Globally, these three issues are leading the pack by a wide margin, as there are 60 million attempts to access pornographic websites each month, four times more than the second in the list.

"Although many children receive in school Internet safety education, industry also has an important role to play in ensuring the safety of children online, revealing that there are risks to parents and children. This can help parents to take a more proactive to protect their children online.'s important that there are clear and accessible notices within IT services, especially at the point of sale, to help the children can take advantage of these services. This effort has to be done through coordination across the industry to ensure that the information that parents need to reach an effective way, "said Peter Daviews, Executive Director of the Online Protection Against Exploitation of Children - Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) in the UK.

"The dangers of the Internet are increasing every day but they are still under increasingly active in social networks. This ecosystem is extremely dangerous for children as they are the favorite hunting ground for cybercriminals, who use the networks to place malicious social links to fraudulent websites, and where children can come into contact with undesirable or dangerous people. At the same time, we must not forget the more traditional Internet dangers, as the content is not directed at children, and phishing attempts other types of fraud, "said Konstantin Ignate, Group Director of Web Content Analyst at Kaspersky Lab

The full version of the article "Statistics Parental Control alerts for several countries" can be found at:

Autodesk has social networking app

Autodesk, Inc. announced the new social collaboration capabilities of one of the most popular and professional design for mobile devices.

Ti Journal: The improvements offer new workflows that simplify the development, review and approval of the design process, incorporating features popularized by social networking platforms more important.

AutoCAD WS 1.5 AutoCAD carried beyond the desktop, allowing users to view, edit and share AutoCAD drawings of virtually everyone, no matter where they are, through their iOS or Android mobile device, or from your Internet browser. The new Feed Design AutoCAD WS mobile application 1.5 Record and track the evolution of designs across multiple partners and stakeholders, from within the same design.

AutoCAD WS 1.5
- Simplifies design development through the use of powerful integrated social collaboration tools, that work intuitively as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

- Enter Design Feed, a powerful organized content pane's comments about a picture and lets you tag and invite additional interested in the conversation for more contributions.

- Users can set pictures to specific locations in the drawings and provide feedback and visual clarity.

Forrester Research Collaboration
- According to the Forrester Research report "Mobilize Your Collaboration Strategy" (Mobilize your collaboration strategy), it is expected that by 2015, 82 million U.S. consumers have tablets and smartphones have 159 million, a third of which will be used for the job.

- At present, companies must transform their strategies work together to cover mobile and mobile devices. 41% of the teams are highly mobile computing, and this number will continue to grow as more firms adopt smart phones and programs "bring-your-own-device", ie the incorporation of mobile devices own staff the company.

- Forrester Research says the eight most popular collaboration applications on smartphones and tablets. The areas included in the updates of 1.5 and Autodesk AutoCAD WS 360 Mobile include:

- Collaboration based on documents: Sixty-two percent of information workers spend more than an hour daily tasks with documents, reports and other information that should be available through all devices.

- Flows of activity: Emerging as a critical resource for organizations working collectively and required to give warnings to people wherever they are.

- Social Collaboration: mobile access to internal blogs, wikis, community sites and social networks serves two purposes. First, managers may not have access to these resources in any other way. Second, all mobile professionals stay connected continuously in contact and as part of the collaborative process.

For more information about the final implementation of Autodesk, visit the AutoCAD WS.

Internet Explorer is no Longer Safe Until Microsoft Releases a Security Patch

Despite the improvements Microsoft has made with their browser Internet Explorer, you keep finding bugs in it. The latter has been discovered a few days ago, a Zero-day vulnerability that allows an attacker to run code on your computer, even without administrator permissions.

The vulnerability affects all versions of Internet Explorer on all operating systems except Internet Explorer 10. For a computer to be attacked, you have to visit a specially crafted Web, you would download code to the computer and then run exploiting this flaw.

As commented above, is a  Zero-day vulnerability, which means that it is already actively exploiting. In fact, I have discovered after an exploit another vulnerability related (also 0-day) in Java SE 7 that was uncovered a few days ago.

Microsoft is aware of the vulnerability, but have not clarified whether the patch will appear as soon as you have or one of its tuesdays patch, patch releases that make each month. Meanwhile, make sure you have updated antivirus and not visit foreign sites to avoid being infected.

Meanwhile Microsoft has written a note which says it is aware of the problem and advises users to download the tool Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) to reduce risks. However it is not known at what point the company will release a patch for this problem or if it will be until October 9 that will offer a solution to this problem in conjunction with another patch for another vulnerability in the browser, which we had already mentioned .

The fact is that experts have advised IE users to switch to another browser while it corrects this problem, so have advised switching to Google Chrome while providing a solution by Microsoft. This is probably not good news for the Redmond but its a sign that security remains a point IE to strengthen.

Will you ever trust or use Internet explorer Again?

How to jailbreak iOS 6

Any update of iOS is a headache for those who have chosen the option of performing a jailbreak to your device. The Dev-Team developers face a hard work to do that at times like this, it resolved quickly. And it is still missing a few days for the official release of iOS 6, they have already come up with ways to give the jailbreak by updating RedSnow.

The Golden Master version of iOS 6 (the end to lack of genuine surprises in testing developers) is that you can jailbreak using this method. Remember that GM versions of iOS 5 and OS X Lion Mountain, both recent, were the same build as the final version. It would be normal in case 6 is maintained ios this equivalence. However, this method is not achieved embryonic development altogether. In fact, do not install Cydia, but only via SSH access to our archives, as if it were an external memory, so it will not be something functional for most users. Also keep in mind that currently only works with devices with A4 processor. If you still want to do, just follow these steps:

-Download RedSnow 0.9.13dev4 as we use Windows or Mac

-Put the device in DFU mode. If you do not know how, its simple: turn it off, connect it via USB to your computer, hold Home and Power ten seconds, release Power and hold Home few seconds until iTunes recognizes a device in restore mode.

-Open RedSnow, go to the Extras menu, and select the file to load IPSW iOS 6 GM manually.

-Back to the main menu and press the button RedSnow Jailbreak, leaving the option labeled Install SSH.

-When we see that the process is complete,  put the device in DFU mode and again from RedSnow select Just Boot order on.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Released Early.

I personally have not felt the need to do the jailbreak my iOS devices .Thanks specially to the novelties introduced in iOS 5 and topped by presenting iOS now 6. But I understand that many users wish to have full control over their gadgets , especially  some Android users, this is also possible with the new Apple platform, thanks to the excellent work done by the boys of the iPhone Dev-Team.
Just hours after the release of the Golden Master version of iOS 6, the final version previously distributed among developers and rarely differs from the public, the iPhone Dev-Team updated RedSn0w with support to jailbreak.
The tool still has some fringed with Cydia or modules as Preference Loader that will be available with the official release of iOS 6 to the public next Wednesday.
Do you realy wish to Jailbreak your iPhone 5?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Things We Hate About Windows 8

Just like any new software, Windows 8 has a lot of amazing features that any user will appreciate. However the Consumer preview had a few details that need to be addressed before the operating system hits the shelves. Below is a list of the five things we hate about Windows 8.

1.       The omission of the start button
All in an attempt to make the new version of windows look different from its predecessor; the omission of the start button is one thing most users really hate. Although there’s a way to bring back the start menu in Windows 8, its omission makes it difficult to navigate your way through the bulk of files in your PC. Charms menu
2.    Hiding the Shutdown Button
Having the shut down button hidden in some ridiculous Charms menu give the user a hectic time to get accustomed to the new Operating System. On the old operating system, the shutdown button was two clicks away.
3.    Advertisements
After spending some bucks to get an Operating System, no user would like to be bothered with advertisements. While opening the video app, instead of going direct to your own video gallery you are bombarded with Microsoft’s purchasable content gallery. Let’s hope these advertisements wont be among the five things we hate about windows when the commercial version begins shipping.
4.       The Windows 8 Lock screen
In spite of Windows 8 being full of innovativeness, the lock screen suggests that this went too much. When you turn on your computer from the sleep mode, you must then slide away from the Lock Screen or click on it again and again. The Lock screen can be eliminated from the control panel but this is a feature that many find included unnecessarily.
5.       Denial of access to secondary users.
It’s rather disappointing that Windows 8 doesn’t give secondary users the privileges to run and install applications even if the administrator granted them the rights. Also, Windows 8 does not store shortcuts for installed applications on the desktop, start screen or taskbar. Secondary user accounts have to be modified to Administrators in order to enjoy running and installing applications.
For Windows 8 to be near perfect, there are also other minor glitches that demand attention. This include:
I)   The Bing application opens Internet Explorer.
Bing is the second search engine after Google, in window 8 the Bing app has is defects. Whenever you pick any links after searching with Bing, the link opens in Internet Explorer.  This flaw can be resolved by pining your websites to the start screen, should you wish to use the Bing app you can still move it to the right hand corner of the computer screen an continue using Internet Explorer.
II) Inability to close applications manually.
Windows 8 does not allow for applications to be closed manually. Applications can only be closed when the operating system deems it fit in order to save usage of the central processing usage. This restriction can be bypassed by using the Alt and F4 keys simultaneously.
The default mail application in the new Windows 8 does have support for POP accounts. To  have a POP account support, a user has to create an Outlook, Hotmail or Gmail then link it to their Windows Mail.


Sunday, 2 September 2012

How to create a secure password

Recommendations for stronger passwords are never enough, and if you're still using a birth date to access any of your favorite services, you should definitely take a look at this. To say that the password should be long, complex, and as far as possible on words "common" is much easier than implementing it, but with the help of the popular KeePass, you should just remember "a" one password to keep everyone safe your profiles, posts and user names. What about the rest? No chains will be more chaotic than the edge of the indecipherable.
The temptation to use simple passwords is great. Repeat the same password across all services may seem practical in the short term, but the reality is that we do not use the same key for the front door, car, office, locker, and so on. No matter if it is a very long word. More than one can say "destabilization", with seventeen points, and including uppercase and accent could serve as an appropriate password, however, a dictionary attack would it faster than we thought. I can repeat many times to make the effort to use and remember complex passwords. Some have the willpower, but most continue to prefer the dog's name or small pieces of paper stuck on the monitor.
Luckily, there is an alternative, an easy road to travel and quite safe. If the software (in its various forms) whom we demand an ever more important passwords, let the software manage, and this time, we talk about KeePass. Arguably KeePass is an off-line version of LastPass, but this would not be entirely correct since the chronology indicates that KeePass was created much earlier. In fact, KeePass has certain similarities with the "Key" for Apple computers, with the difference that the Key is associated to the operating system, and KeePass lets you create separate databases and laptops. In a KeePass database can save passwords for virtually any program, service or website, and access them with just a few clicks. As if that were not enough, KeePass has a portable version, so you can install a copy on a flash drive and carry in both the program and the database in the same way that actual loads with a keychain.
Entering the world of KeePass is simple, and it all starts with downloading a copy. We recommend version 2.16, although no technical impediments to use version 1.20, which continues with a good level of development. KeePass main window does not say much, but what you should do next is to create a new database. The base location will depend on your preference. You can leave it in My Documents, save it to a hard drive alternative, or remain parked on an external drive. Once you have determined the location and name, you will need to assign a master password.
You should make every effort to remember this password, as it will be the key to access to all others. It is only one, and the prize is forget about all the others, knowing that they are extremely safe and chaotic for anyone to make the attempt sane hand copy. Use the estimated quality meter (the orange bar that turns green as the password is more complex) to check if you're on track.
Step two of the creation of the database requires a visit to the "General" tab, where you can (if you wish) to place a description, and also lashes "Security", "Protection" and "Recycle Bin ". In "Security" you like to increase the number of rounds of transformation applied on KeePass master password to use the result as encryption key in the database. The larger the number the more secure the encryption, but will become slower loading operations and saved in the database. The shortcut is to click on "1 second delay", to obtain the best compromise between safety and speed, but if you're willing to sacrifice a few extra seconds, do not hesitate to increase the number. The tab "Protection" to configure memory protection in the fields in the database. By default, only protects passwords, but as an option you can add a check mark in the "User Name" also. In "Recycle Bin", you just have to remove the checkmark to prevent the use of their internal trash. If you delete something, the better it is deleted.
The database will have multiple entries for example, but decided to delete all our tutorial to working with a cleaner environment. Then you need to add a new entry, specifying the-site-service program, and the password that we will generate. Use the context menu to access the "Add Entry", or press the Insert key. The fields are not mandatory, and if you wish, you can only assign a name to the entry and create a password, leaving out the username and / or Web address (if any). Whether you decide to add the title and the user name or not, the next step leads to the creation of the new password. Click on the icon with the two keys to access the generator.
KeePass offers several profiles to work, but you better get used to create your own patterns of passwords. Here you can choose the type of characters to be used in the generation. You should contact the service or program what kind of characters are allowed to avoid further errors. As for the length of the password ... Again, the limit is imposed by the program or service in question. May exceed sixty characters and not have problems. To make the password even more chaotic, please check the "Collect additional entropy". You will see a new window where you can literally "hit the keyboard" generating random text, and move your mouse cursor over the noise field for greater quality in the password.Within seconds a day
After the generation, you can press the button with the three dots to get a visual idea of ​​how was the new password. Click "OK" and save the database each time you create a new entry for safety. The rest comes down to replace your current password with the new one that you just get. Right-click on the entry will allow you to choose "Copy Password", or you can use CTRL + C to achieve the same effect. The copy of the password in the clipboard is (by default) for a period of twelve seconds, but if you wish to pursue a counter, you can drag the password since entering the password input field in the service. If for some reason you must leave your computer but do not want close to KeePass, you just need to click the padlock with gold background in the main window, to block the work environment. You must enter the master password to remove it from that state.
KeePass offers many options, and has an entire battalion of plugins available, but this is all you need to begin to create, use and manage passwords that literally sweep the floor with the passwords you've used so far. Your personal effort is applied only in the master password, and keeping any copies available to the database you've done. You may think that this is uncomfortable at first, but nothing is further from the truth. In a typical session KeePass will use a few seconds per day, even with the mouse. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Foursquare ... You name it, and KeePass can better protect it. And yes, it has versions for both Linux and OS X, if you do not like the "Key".

What is a VPN?

1. - Introduction:
A few years ago it was not as necessary to connect to the Internet for work purposes. As time has gone past companies have seen the need for local area networks overcome the barrier of local connectivity allowing staff and offices in other buildings, cities, regions and even countries.
Unfortunately, at the other end of the scale were the large investments were needed in both hardware and software and of course on telecommunications services that would create these service networks.
Fortunately with the advent of the Internet, companies, training centers, organizations of all types and even individual users are able to create a virtual private network (VPN) that would extract a moderate economic investment and using the Internet, the connection between different locations bridging the gap between them.
Virtual Private Networks using special security protocols that allow access to private services, only authorized personnel of enterprises, training centers, organizations, etc., When a user connects to the Internet, the network configuration VPN allows you to connect to the private network of the body with which to collaborate and access the same resources as if you were sitting quietly in his office.
2. - What is a VPN?
Brevity is a virtue, I said the great Quevedo: The good, if brief, twice good. Following that premise briefly try to explain that a VPN is a virtual network that is created within a real network, such as the Internet.
Really a VPN is not only a corporate network structure implemented on a network of public resources, but it uses the same management and the same access policies that are used in private networks, the end of the day no is more than creating a public network in an environment of confidentiality and privacy that allow the user to work as if on the same local network.
In most cases the public network is the Internet, but may also be an ATM or Frame Relay network
3. - How a VPN Functions:
As noted in a previous section, from the point of view of the user who is connected to it, running a VPN is similar to any normal network, but really so that the behavior is perceived as the same are a large number of elements and factors that make this possible.
The communication between the two ends of the private network through the public network is done by setting virtual tunnels between these two points and using encryption and authentication systems which ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted through the public network. Due to the use of these public networks, usually the Internet, it is necessary to pay special attention to the issues of security to prevent unauthorized access.
The tunneling technology (Tunneling) is a way of sending data which encapsulates a type of data packets within the data packet itself of any communications protocol, and upon reaching his destination, the original package is unpacked back and to their original state.
In the transfer over the Internet, packets is encrypted, for this reason, authentication techniques are essential for the correct operation of VPNs as to ensure that the transmitter and receiver are exchanging information with the user or correct device.
The virtual network authentication system is similar to login via username and password, but you have a greater assurance needs identity validation.Most authentication systems are used in VPN system based on shared keys.
Authentication is typically done at the start of a session, and then, randomly, during the course of the session, to ensure there is no any third participant that has been intrude on the conversation.
All VPNs use some form of encryption technology that packages data into a secure package to be sent over the public network.
The encryption must be considered as essential as authentication, allowing secure data transported be visible and understood on the trip from one end to another connection.
There are two types of encryption techniques used in VPNs: secret key encryption, or private and public key encryption.
In secret key encryption uses a secret password known to all participants that they will make use of the encrypted information. The password is used for both encryption and decryption information. This type of system has the problem that, to be shared by all participants and must be kept secret, to be revealed, has to be changed and distributed to participants, which can create security issues.
The public key encryption involves the use of two keys, one public and one secret. The first is sent to the other participants. When encrypting, using own private key and the public key of the other participant in the conversation. Upon receiving the information, it is decrypted using its own private key and public information generator. The great disadvantage of this type of encryption is that it is slower than the secret key.
In the virtual network, the encryption should be done in real time, thus encrypted information flows across a network using encryption are secret key keys that are valid for the currently used session.

Liferea, a feed reader simple, powerful and free

Surely if you are a frequent visitor to any website, blog, magazine, newspaper, etc., you will like to be informed of the latest news and updates that these means are provided.
The best way to stay current is through an RSS reader and in my humble opinion, is second to none Liferea for GNU / Linux.

Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is all that we can ask such a program, it is very lightweight, powerful and above all, simple and easy to use. This is its strength, simplicity, and that with a few mouse clicks you can add new channels and subscriptions, create folders and subfolders, change the view or watch your news directly from your web browser previously selecting default.

Any more information, we can use it offline, supports Google Reader or TinyTinyRSS, lets you save interesting articles to another folder, searchable by words, supports RSS feeds, RDF, Atom and supports the OPML format, made ​​with GTK + and open source.

How to install it? For there is not that much complicated, you just have to look at almost any distro repository and install it in the usual way, but in Ubuntu you can add a repository with the latest updates, as you can see this link.

Nvidia Optimus is working on GNU / Linux

Much has been said on this subject. From Linus Torvalds to any owner of equipment with built Optimus technology have complained about the treatment to be accorded to Nvidia Linux users. Both noise seems to have served some purpose and the Santa Clara company has confirmed it is working on technology to provide the desired Linux based systems.

So finally gives Nvidia budge and decided to meet the demands of the Linux community as bad publicity that has been given. However, today, for a change, talk about Nvidia to comment nice news for anyone Owner incorporate Nvidia Optimus technology.

Aaron Plattner, one of the engineers at Nvidia Linux team, said he has been successful in early tests of portability. Thus, many drivers may work together, enabling the coexistence of Nvidia and Intel drivers in one system.

Recall that this issue has sparked controversy since commented on the Net the first experiences by owners of laptops with Nvidia Optimus & Linus Torvalds was even more explicit in his criticism of the company.

Since Linux Zone we echo the matter on several occasions, as well as possible solutions. We hope that next time we approach it is to announce the availability for download of drivers for Linux systems.