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Sunday, 23 September 2012

How Claim Your Spot On The first Page of Google

Among the most important techniques that rely on search engines in the world to classify sites and determine their order in the results when you search for a word is a technology invented by Google, of course, you can make your site among the first results in Google or other search engines. Must take account of this and use technology to your site (as you know, the latest statistics confirm that 50 percent of users of websites to learn through search engines).
What is PageRank
PageRank is a vote by all the other pages on the Web, the importance of a page is a link to a page counts as a vote of support. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be PageRank of the page.
PageRank is a technology that relies on search engines to assess the importance and reputation of your site.
PR is the numerical value of numbers from 1 to 10, representing the importance of your website.
Below are 10 Tips on How to Increase Google PageRank
It is undeniable that all website owners desire to have a very high PageRank Google. This is simply because the more pagerank of your site, the greater its chances of being seen on the first results of a search engine. It also gives a greater chance of pulling up their income and improve site traffic as well.
TIP 01: Get more backlinks and build link popularity. The backlink quantity and quality that lead to your website can certainly affect your pagerank. Quality sites that are linking to your site are a big plus. People will surely trust that the "quality" of the site and to check on your website without a doubt.
TIP 02: Check out some SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization is a very effective way to raise the pagerank of your website. Many website owners nowadays rely on search engine optimization to increase their pagerank. In fact, SEO has not failed and continues to flourish and expand pageranks websites in the Internet domain.
TIP 03: submission to article directories. This is one of the most basic ways to help you create more backlinks and resources that can get more visibility for the site.
TIP 04: Put a author box at the end of the article and this is your chance to put the URL of your website. It can’t reach a large number of viewers, but it will certainly help with people more curious about the article writer with interest in finding out who the writer is.
TIP 05: Do not go leaving comments on any site that you see on the web. As the definition goes pagerank, it is not based on the amount and caring. Instead, he seeks quality content.
TIP 06: Do not participate in link exchanges with other random people who also want to increase their pagerank. Google can detect that your website is simply considered random composed of low quality links. In this case, Google may even downgrade your site.
TIP 07: Always write original content. Never let your content authors to copy or republish the same content from other sites. Plagiarism knows no excuses, even in today's Internet.
TIP 08: If you have more than one website, do not copy and paste just the website content from one to the other. Google does not know that these sites are owned by the same person and eventually decommission a Web site, or even both
TIP 09: Location writers who can write good quality articles. There are writers nowadays many items that are not more quality articles. This is one of many reasons why many websites Flunk on their pagerank. You can post on sites like Craigslist or oDesk to look for quality writers for your website.
TIP 10: Know that good quality content is the main key to increase the PageRank of your website. If the content of your website is desirable, then essentially people will want to link to it. Thanks to this, other quality websites will be a link to it because they trust the high quality websites that have linked to your website.
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