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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nvidia Optimus is working on GNU / Linux

Much has been said on this subject. From Linus Torvalds to any owner of equipment with built Optimus technology have complained about the treatment to be accorded to Nvidia Linux users. Both noise seems to have served some purpose and the Santa Clara company has confirmed it is working on technology to provide the desired Linux based systems.

So finally gives Nvidia budge and decided to meet the demands of the Linux community as bad publicity that has been given. However, today, for a change, talk about Nvidia to comment nice news for anyone Owner incorporate Nvidia Optimus technology.

Aaron Plattner, one of the engineers at Nvidia Linux team, said he has been successful in early tests of portability. Thus, many drivers may work together, enabling the coexistence of Nvidia and Intel drivers in one system.

Recall that this issue has sparked controversy since commented on the Net the first experiences by owners of laptops with Nvidia Optimus & Linus Torvalds was even more explicit in his criticism of the company.

Since Linux Zone we echo the matter on several occasions, as well as possible solutions. We hope that next time we approach it is to announce the availability for download of drivers for Linux systems.