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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Positioning Problems: What to do with 'toxic bonds'

If at any time we have left our website in the hands of search engine optimization services that moved in gray areas, or a malicious competitor has been devoted to link our website from unsavory neighborhoods, surely find in our web analytics tool ( or doing a simple search for links to our website) we have visitors from strange places (link farms, porn sites or online casinos, etc..).
What influence face these links to good search engine positioning and how can we get rid of its effect?1. Links are another factor facing the positioning
While it is true that the quantity and especially the quality of the links to our pages influence their positioning in search, according to Google is just one of the factors that the algorithm takes into account.2. Direct contact sometimes helps
If in spite of all we want to do something about these links, we can always try to talk with the owners of those sites to ask them to leave.
But as too careful, our advice is to use this email to 'throwaway', ie while the right is used for it's own domain address of the web (and not a free service), should create an ad hoc that we can then terminate. So we protect ourselves against future spam.3. The battles are not worth missing
If, despite our efforts and good education the owner of the site does not make us another case, nothing happens. There are other links on which we do have control, and those we must direct our work.4. Nor should we give more importance to what has not
Given the poor quality links are usually poor quality websites, your rankings on Google will also be low and therefore the strength of their bonds will also be weak. Most of the time, the damage we can do will be minimal.5. Internet is for runners
At the end of the day, dubious websites are subject to the same rules as everyone else and sooner or later end up ignored by Google.6. Sometimes sneaks away with it
If nevertheless believe that, for our good and that of others affected, we must inform Google about the dubious activities of certain web, we can do using his report on Form fraudulent activity. But beware: you have to try all allegations.7. Let us optimization
Considering everything itself can influence the web itself, from a rich and quality content to a correct code, is more important to first pay attention to internal SEO and then worry about the websites that we link.8. Everyone is innocent ...
More important than the bad links to our website, is the behavior that we have in this. If our website has no hidden text, hidden links, links to suspicious websites or other evidence of unethical practices, we have no reason to worry.9. ... Until proven otherwise
But though our intentions are good, some behaviors that can appear unnatural arousing the suspicions of the search engines: a sudden increase in inbound links in a short time, numerous links from sites with no apparent thematic relationship or paid links, but are the result of good faith and legitimate marketing efforts, search engines can make against us.
It should also take this into account when we hire the services of an SEO specialist, because what he does in our name will always be our responsibility.10. We should beware of Factor Spam
The Factor Spam is a kind of 'negative score' that search engines apply to websites malpractice. Some, like Bing, recognize use, others do not concern him so clearly but clearly they have it. In any case, good practices and clean hands will keep us safe and will make our best ally seekers.