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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Things We Hate About Windows 8

Just like any new software, Windows 8 has a lot of amazing features that any user will appreciate. However the Consumer preview had a few details that need to be addressed before the operating system hits the shelves. Below is a list of the five things we hate about Windows 8.

1.       The omission of the start button
All in an attempt to make the new version of windows look different from its predecessor; the omission of the start button is one thing most users really hate. Although there’s a way to bring back the start menu in Windows 8, its omission makes it difficult to navigate your way through the bulk of files in your PC. Charms menu
2.    Hiding the Shutdown Button
Having the shut down button hidden in some ridiculous Charms menu give the user a hectic time to get accustomed to the new Operating System. On the old operating system, the shutdown button was two clicks away.
3.    Advertisements
After spending some bucks to get an Operating System, no user would like to be bothered with advertisements. While opening the video app, instead of going direct to your own video gallery you are bombarded with Microsoft’s purchasable content gallery. Let’s hope these advertisements wont be among the five things we hate about windows when the commercial version begins shipping.
4.       The Windows 8 Lock screen
In spite of Windows 8 being full of innovativeness, the lock screen suggests that this went too much. When you turn on your computer from the sleep mode, you must then slide away from the Lock Screen or click on it again and again. The Lock screen can be eliminated from the control panel but this is a feature that many find included unnecessarily.
5.       Denial of access to secondary users.
It’s rather disappointing that Windows 8 doesn’t give secondary users the privileges to run and install applications even if the administrator granted them the rights. Also, Windows 8 does not store shortcuts for installed applications on the desktop, start screen or taskbar. Secondary user accounts have to be modified to Administrators in order to enjoy running and installing applications.
For Windows 8 to be near perfect, there are also other minor glitches that demand attention. This include:
I)   The Bing application opens Internet Explorer.
Bing is the second search engine after Google, in window 8 the Bing app has is defects. Whenever you pick any links after searching with Bing, the link opens in Internet Explorer.  This flaw can be resolved by pining your websites to the start screen, should you wish to use the Bing app you can still move it to the right hand corner of the computer screen an continue using Internet Explorer.
II) Inability to close applications manually.
Windows 8 does not allow for applications to be closed manually. Applications can only be closed when the operating system deems it fit in order to save usage of the central processing usage. This restriction can be bypassed by using the Alt and F4 keys simultaneously.
The default mail application in the new Windows 8 does have support for POP accounts. To  have a POP account support, a user has to create an Outlook, Hotmail or Gmail then link it to their Windows Mail.