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Thursday, 20 September 2012

How to jailbreak iOS 6

Any update of iOS is a headache for those who have chosen the option of performing a jailbreak to your device. The Dev-Team developers face a hard work to do that at times like this, it resolved quickly. And it is still missing a few days for the official release of iOS 6, they have already come up with ways to give the jailbreak by updating RedSnow.

The Golden Master version of iOS 6 (the end to lack of genuine surprises in testing developers) is that you can jailbreak using this method. Remember that GM versions of iOS 5 and OS X Lion Mountain, both recent, were the same build as the final version. It would be normal in case 6 is maintained ios this equivalence. However, this method is not achieved embryonic development altogether. In fact, do not install Cydia, but only via SSH access to our archives, as if it were an external memory, so it will not be something functional for most users. Also keep in mind that currently only works with devices with A4 processor. If you still want to do, just follow these steps:

-Download RedSnow 0.9.13dev4 as we use Windows or Mac

-Put the device in DFU mode. If you do not know how, its simple: turn it off, connect it via USB to your computer, hold Home and Power ten seconds, release Power and hold Home few seconds until iTunes recognizes a device in restore mode.

-Open RedSnow, go to the Extras menu, and select the file to load IPSW iOS 6 GM manually.

-Back to the main menu and press the button RedSnow Jailbreak, leaving the option labeled Install SSH.

-When we see that the process is complete,  put the device in DFU mode and again from RedSnow select Just Boot order on.