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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Liferea, a feed reader simple, powerful and free

Surely if you are a frequent visitor to any website, blog, magazine, newspaper, etc., you will like to be informed of the latest news and updates that these means are provided.
The best way to stay current is through an RSS reader and in my humble opinion, is second to none Liferea for GNU / Linux.

Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is all that we can ask such a program, it is very lightweight, powerful and above all, simple and easy to use. This is its strength, simplicity, and that with a few mouse clicks you can add new channels and subscriptions, create folders and subfolders, change the view or watch your news directly from your web browser previously selecting default.

Any more information, we can use it offline, supports Google Reader or TinyTinyRSS, lets you save interesting articles to another folder, searchable by words, supports RSS feeds, RDF, Atom and supports the OPML format, made ​​with GTK + and open source.

How to install it? For there is not that much complicated, you just have to look at almost any distro repository and install it in the usual way, but in Ubuntu you can add a repository with the latest updates, as you can see this link.