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Sunday, 23 September 2012

What is Google PageRank (PR) ?

 PageRank is a technology developed by the Google search engine index representing a popularity of your website.
It is between 0 and 10, plus the index is, the better your website will be well positioned on Google. More specifically, each page has its own index and generally, we will look at your home page.
It is important to note that index 0 does not match referencing non-existent but at the first level of SEO in Google.
 How the PageRank  operates.
The principle of operation is simple and is based on the notion of "backlinks" ("backlinks"). More backlinks a page has good quality (ie pages pointing to it and having a high PageRank), plus its PageRank is important, and the better it will be positioned in Google. Indeed, we consider a link to a web page is equivalent to a "vote" in favor of it. However, links of poor quality (low PageRank) are not necessarily beneficial to the page. It should be noted that backlinks from sites considered institutional quality (in. Edu and. Org) contribute to give a "serious" web page and thus contribute to increase its PageRank.
Often the question is asked, "How does it get backlinks to having a PageRank of 3?".
Simple answer is always the same: "We can not answer this question because the PageRank does not depend on the number of links, it also depends mostly PageRank of each link ...". Put differently, a page can have a PageRank of 3 with one backlink while another may have 1000 backlinks and PageRank of 3 also.
How to increase the PageRank of my site?
You can subscribe to many directories that will increase your backlinks and thus your PageRank. However, they are generally of poor quality. Another method is to talk to your website by making a link to it on forums (eg and other social networks (eg that generate significant traffic. Depending on your business, there are many community sites where your intervention as a professional will be welcome.
In addition, the best way to increase its PageRank is simple: Provide quality textual content, updated regularly, and interested users. Thus, many webmasters will link to your page, which will help to improve your PageRank and hence your ranking in Google and thereby the number of your visitors.
Finally, if you want a Alernative where we take care for you to improve your PageRank and guarantee you a position on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.
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