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Monday, 13 August 2012

Find My iPhone App

Find My iPhone is an in built iPhone app that can pin point the exact location of a lost or misplaced phone. Find My iPhone utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) to allow users to locate their lost phone using computer or any other device. In stalling this app is one great step to ensuring you always get your phones location whether it’s in your jacket, under the pillow or if you lost it on a train like one David Pogue.  

David Pogue, a New York Times columnist lost an iPhone while on a train but luck was on his side as he had set up the Find My iPhone app.

For New iPhone users or those of you who have not set up the Find My iPhone app I’ll guide you through the steps.
  1.  First of all your device must be running on iOS 5. If you do not have iOS 5 you can use iTunes 10.5 or a later version to update your iOS.
  2. You’ll need to turn on iCloud on your device. You can do this by tapping on the settings icon then select iCloud. You will then be prompted to enter you Apple ID.

          Tap on the on off switch, ensure you move the switch to ON. With a scroll movement to the right you can see Find My iPhone among the options. Toggle the switch to ON.

With the Find My iPhone app you can locate your phone on a map. If you happen to lose or misplace your iPhone you can use the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone or you may sign in to iCloud using any other device with access to the internet. This app can also display a written message on screen or play a sound to help you find your phone. Find My iPhone overrides the silent setting if any was placed.
The Find My iPhone app can also enable a user to remotely wipe data or set a passcode to keep your data private.